November 10, 2022

Communication agency “Idea prima” and “Mantinga” became partners


The largest producer of bread, snacks and frozen products in the Baltic States “Mantinga” has chosen the change communication agency “Idea prima” as its communication partner.

“We are one of the largest food production companies in the region, we have ambitious goals on a global scale, therefore creative and appropriate communication is extremely important to us. We were looking for professional partners who would go hand in hand with us, not only with excellent management and knowledge of traditional communication tools and channels, but also be strategic partners, not lacking in creativity, flexibility and ideas to implement non-traditional projects. We believe that the selected communication partners will not only help consolidate business leadership, strengthen the employer’s position in the market, but also increase consumer awareness of the baked goods category,” comments Monika Pulokė, the Communication Manager of “Mantinga”.

The company’s cooperation with “Idea prima” includes strategic and corporate communication, as well as tactical implementation of actions and projects. Among the key communication goals are the positioning strategy of the market leader, strengthening the employer’s image and ensuring the communication of sustainability and social responsibility.