October 26, 2023

“Mantinga” also welcomes employees from abroad


Foreigners in Lithuania not only fill highly qualified jobs when  local talent is unavailable – they also work in service and industry sectors requiring fewer qualifications. In order to expand its capacities, Mantinga’s search for employees has extended  beyond  Lithuania for a long time.

“Recently, we have been employing more and more foreigners – not only Ukrainians who fled the war caused by Russia, but also representatives of other countries. Currently, the company employs over 100 foreigners, mostly from Ukraine, although we also have employees from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, as well as several representatives from countries such as Sri Lanka or Pakistan. Most foreigners are employed as packers and shapers, and we also have a dozen production operators”, says N. Daukšienė.

“Most of the foreigners fit into the team perfectly. One of our success stories is an employee who grew from a packer to an operator position. Of course, there are cases when foreigners who have started out working in production and then choose another career path, although we also have many employees who move elsewhere and then return to work for us,” says N. Daukšienė.