March 29, 2024

Mantinga will invest over EUR 34 million in production and process efficiency


Mantinga, the largest producer of bread, snacks and frozen products in the Baltic States, continues to increase its production capacity by investing EUR 34.3 million in a new production line and automation of production processes. Part of the investment – EUR 23.6 million – will be financed by SEB bank.

According to Mantas Agentas, the CEO of Mantinga Group, the rapid growth of the market potential encourages consistent increase in production capacity.

“While we face economic uncertainty, we operate in the global market, and we look at investments from a long-term perspective. We see many opportunities to increase the sales of French baguettes for stuffing all over the world, and today the existing production capacity is no longer sufficient, leading to our decision to invest in the development of this product line,” says M. Agentas.

The planned product expansion includes the installation of a new production line for French baguettes for stuffing in the factory built in 2015. Loading ramps, automatic palletizing and warehouse area will also be installed while the area for heavy vehicle access will be adapted. In total, the production area will increase by 8.8 thousand square meters.

“The new automated production line will make it possible to produce higher-quality products, increase their assortment, and also increase the production efficiency of these products, helping to ensure more efficient production processes and logistics. Moreover, we will increase production automation in the existing operating production lines and reduce the number of processes requiring physical strength,” says M. Agentas.

The new French baguette production line will be the sixth out of the planned 8 production lines in the third Mantinga factory. It is planned that the new production capacity will start operating in the third quarter of 2025.

The CEO points out that this is only the first part of the investment – over the next few years, Mantinga Group plans to invest in several large projects and thus achieve its strategic development goals.

“The food industry is a promising field that requires constant investments contributing to higher production volumes, efficiency and faster transition to automated work processes. We have observed that the segment of prepared frozen products is becoming extremely popular in the market, which provides opportunities to ensure a more sustainable production cycle, reduce the amount of food waste and energy consumption. We believe that the financing provided by the bank will help the group of companies continue to successfully implement development plans and ensure income growth,” says Artūras Vingrys, Director of the Business Clients and Institutions Department of SEB bank.

In 2022-2023, Mantinga Group’s investments in production amounted to almost EUR 35 million. Three factories are currently operating at full capacity in Marijampolė, and another one in Latvia. The Mantinga assortment consists of 1000 products, with the products exported to more than 40 countries. The company has more than 1,800 employees.