November 25, 2022

The "Mantinga" initiative – entrepreneurship education from a young age


On November 25, a project organized by the initiative of the “Mantinga Charity and Support Fund” was presented to the educational community of Marijampolė. By joining forces together with Marijampolė municipality, we will aim for the progressive entrepreneurship education program created by “Lietuvos Junior Achievement” to be additionally implemented in all schools of Marijampolė. 

After the implementation of this project, Marijampolė will be the first municipality in Lithuania where all schools will have the same entrepreneurship education program and it will be applied to schoolchildren of all grades – both elementary and higher.

The program looks at entrepreneurship a bit more broadly – it will not be knowledge about business creation or management, it will develop a set of skills and qualities that will allow students to model a successful future perspective, shape their leadership and expand the boundaries of financial literacy.